Christmas Blitz report

The Christmas Blitz took place on the 17th December. 20 took part in the competition. There were 2 groups of 10 with the top 4 in each group qualifying for the quarterfinals. The competition was run using the usual rating handicap method.

The Group Stages:-

Eventually, it came down to the final between William Ffrench and David Fitzsimons:-

David won to come first and have first pick of the prizes. The prizes were presented by Pat Fitzsimons:-
David FItzsimons 1st

William Ffrench 2nd

Alan McDonagh 3rd

Ciaran Quinn 4th

Yann Salmon 5th
Eugene Donohue 6th

Liam Porter 7th

Zygis Jakubauskas 8th

Happy Christmas to all!